New Mineral Strategy Published – Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020 – 2024

The Government of Greenland has approved Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020 – 2024, which contains five priority areas. The overall objective of these priority areas is to strengthen the mineral resources sector by improving the conditions of licensees (mining companies) while at the same time maximising Greenland’s benefits from the new initiatives in terms of new jobs, increased revenues, knowledge building, etc.

The five priority areas are:
1. Improved sharing of geological knowledge
2. Efficient, predictable and transparent case administration
3. Simplified transition from exploration to exploitation
4. Sustainable development of the mineral resources industry
5. Competitive tax and royalty model

A number of objectives and initiatives have been worded for each priority area. These objectives and initiatives will be implemented in the course of the strategy period.

”The Government of Greenland is very proud to present its new strategy for the minerals sector. The strategy is in line with the Government of Greenland’s wish to develop the mineral resources sector into a leading industry in Greenland. We have listened to the relevant stakeholders and integrated their views into the strategy so that Greenland can become an even more competitive and attractive mining nation to the benefit of all of Greenland”, says Vittus Qujaukitsoq, Minister for Finance and Mineral Resources.

Openness and involvement

The Ministry of Mineral Resources has involved various key stakeholders in the preparation of the mineral strategy, including licensees (mining companies), municipalities and NGOs in Greenland. Moreover, the Parliamentary Committee for Trade, Commerce, Mineral and Oil Resources has provided inputs.

The strategy is available here.

For further information please contact Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm, Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Mineral Resources. Tel.:  +299 34 68 46 Email: [email protected]

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