Progress on two rare earth projects in South Greenland

The dialogue between the Mineral Resources Authority and Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S and Greenland Minerals A/S finally seems to be moving one step further.

“I am pleased that there is progress on the two rare earth projects in South Greenland. Both projects have great potential. It is important to recognise and address the increased interest and demand for, among other things, rare earth elements to get the projects started. The Government of Greenland expects both projects to meet the requirements of the Mineral Resources Act soon, and this will provide an opportunity to establish a mining industry in South Greenland. This would benefit the whole of Greenland, but especially the Kujalleq Municipality in the form of new jobs”, says the Minister of Finance and Mineral Resources, Vittus Qujaukitsoq.

Greenland Minerals A/S is preparing the final draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The company expects to forward the report to the Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities as soon as possible. If the EIA meets the requirements of the Mineral Resources Act, Naalakkersuisut (the Government of Greenland) will begin the public consultation process.

On 1 January 2020, an amendment to the Mineral Resources Act came into force. This Amendment removes the requirement to document a commercially exploitable deposit in order to obtain an exploitation licence (cf. the Mineral Resources Act, section 29(2). The Amendment aims to improve the administrative process of applying for an exploitation licence. An applicant, however, must still document a geological occurrence according to specific international reporting standards. Just as the impact on social and environmental conditions must still be documented. Naalakkersuisut must still also approve the application material, before an applicant can be granted an exploitation licence.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources has been in dialogue with Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S since 2015 regarding an exploitation licence for the rare earth deposit at Killavaat Alannguat (Kringlerne) in South Greenland. Tanbreez applied for an exploitation licence in August 2013. The application was rejected in 2015 due to lack of documentation. Since then, Tanbreez has submitted renewed application materials, and it is expected that negotiations for an exploitation licence will start soon.

For further information, please contact: Deputy Minister, Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm, Ministry of Mineral Resources. Phone: +299 34 68 46 Mail: [email protected]

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