New minister for the mineral resources area

On 29 May 2020, the governing political parties, Siumut and Nunatta Qitornai, went into coalition with Demokraatit (the Democrats), forming a new majority coalition Government of Greenland. This new coalition has led to restructuring of the government administration, and three new ministers in the Government from the Democrats.

The mineral resources area now falls under the new Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Jens Frederik Nielsen.

The Minister and the new coalition continue our commitment to further develop the mineral resources sector in Greenland as stated in the new coalition agreement (unofficial translation):

“It is a necessity that several industries contribute to the Treasury’s income. The mineral resources sector must be developed, and therefore it is important to simplify the mineral resources legislation without compromising on the environmental, and health and safety aspects. This will make Greenland more attractive to invest in. The exploration activities should be increased, and more exploitation licences should be granted in order to create new jobs and additional tax revenues.”

The Mineral Resources Authority welcomes the new minister, Jens Frederik Nielsen, and looks forward to further develop Greenland’s mineral resources sector.

For further information on the new coalition, please visit the Government’s website at


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