Greenland’s Mineral Sector Supplier Platform is now open for registration

The Ministry of Mineral Resources has published a digital platform gathering Greenlandic companies and businesses that provide services and supplies to the mineral sector in Greenland. The platform is now open for service providers to register. Registration is free and open to all businesses in Greenland with a CVR number.

Access Greenland’s Mineral Sector Supplier Platform here.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources established the platform with the aim to help local businesses getting a larger exposure and increased business opportunities in the mineral sector. The platform at the same time aims to be a one-stop entry for mineral companies looking for any local services and supplies for their exploration and mining projects in Greenland.

The establishment of this platform is aligned with one of the Ministry’s strategic priority areas, the “Sustainable development of the mineral resources industry”, outlined in Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020-2024.

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