Organizational structure

The Mineral Resources Authority is a collective term for the authorities within the Government of Greenland responsible for all aspects of the mineral exploration and mining in Greenland.

The Mineral Resources Authority operates under the Mineral Resources Act and Greenland’s Mineral Strategy 2020-2024.

  • Government of Greenland

    • Ministry of Mineral Resources

      • Mineral Licence and Safety Authority
        • Licence Department
        • Inspection and Technical Department
      • Department of Geology
      • Executive Secretariat
      • Department of Analysis and Control Function
    • Ministry of Science and Environment

      • Environment Agency for Mineral Resource Activities

The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA) within the Ministry is the one-door administrative authority for licences, mineral resource activities, and licence-related safety matters including supervision and inspections. Licensees and other parties covered by the Mineral Resources Act communicate with the MLSA and receive all notifications, documents and decisions from the MLSA.

The Ministry of Mineral Resources is responsible for strategy and policy making, and legal aspects of mineral resources in Greenland. It is also the authority responsible for all socio-economic aspects of mineral resources, including social impact assessment (SIA) and Impact Benefit Agreements (IBA). The Department of Geology within the Ministry provides geological advice related to licence applications and guidelines, delivers new geoscience data, and promotes Greenland’s mineral resources internationally.

The Environmental Agency for Mineral Resource Activities (EAMRA), under the Ministry of Science and Environment, is the administrative authority for environmental matters relating to mineral and hydrocarbon resource activities, including protection of the environment and nature, environmental liability and environmental impact assessments.


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