Sådan starter mineaktiviteter

Indledende trin før opstart af minedrift

Submit an Exploitation and Closure plan

After being granted an exploitation permit and consultation with MLSA, an application describing the planned exploitation activities and the closure of the mine must be submitted to the Mineral Resources Authority. The application, commonly known as the Exploitation (§19) and Closure plan (§43), is subject to approval by the Government of Greenland.

Exploitation plan

The Exploitation plan is an overall plan describing the exploitation of the mineral deposit, including aspects of the infrastructure, geology, environment, fiscal, socio-economy, and health and safety.

Closure plan

The Closure plan is a technical plan describing the removal of equipment and installations, such as buildings and other technical installations. The Closure plan must also include a restoration plan of the affected nature and environment. A detailed schedule with closure costs broken down to each item must also be outlined in the Closure plan. The closure costs must be based on the worst case scenario and must not include scrap value nor any value of equipment.

The Closure plan must also include documentation related to the environmental and financial aspects of the closure.

Submit Specific Plans for activities

Before commencing any form for activities, an application for Specific Plans for activities (§86) must be submitted to the Mineral Resources Authority. The Specific Plans must cover any form for exploitation activities planned by the Licensee, and must be updated each time there is change in those plans.

Technical standard terms for construction applications

Technical drawings must be submitted to the Mineral Resources Authority, including:

  • Site plans
  • Layout plans
  • Floor plans, elevation drawings
  • Cross sections
  • Detail drawings
The application must also include documentation on:
  • Environmental plan
  • Financial security
  • Explosives
  • Reporting requirements
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