Terms and Guidelines

Standard Terms and Guidelines are valid regarding mineral resources. These guidelines cover application procedures, standard terms for exclusive exploration licences and non-exclusive prospecting licences for minerals.

Application Procedures and Standard Terms 

Application Procedures and Standard Terms for Mineral Licences and Prospecting Licences in Greenland is an unofficial translation and compilation of Application Procedures of November 16 1998, Standard Terms for Exploration Licence for Minerals (excluding hydrocarbons) in Greenland of November 16 1998, Amendment of September 10 2010 regarding addition of sec. 709-711, and Amendment of June 25 2013 regarding change of sec. 303 and 602.

Following the 2013 parliamentary election, the Government of Greenland announced the wish for a new taxation model for exploitation licences. As a result, the Government of Greenland has amended the standard terms for licences for exploration for minerals (excluding hydrocarbons) in Greenland by addendum no. 3, including appendices 1-4. Addendum no. 1 and no. 2 have been included in the Application Procedures and Standard Terms 25th of June 2013. Addendum no. 3 has not yet been included in the Application Procedures and Standard Terms 25th of June 2013. Addendum no. 3 is listed as a separate document in the below Document’s list, but should still be considered valid.

Revised Application Procedures will apply to all licences whereas revised Standard Terms, if any, will take effect only for licences granted after such a revision.

Rules for Field Work

The Rules for Field Work describes all requirements for all persons and companies conducting on-shore field work related to a mineral resource activity.

Medical Guidelines

Further to the legislation regulated by the MRA, the Ministry of Health has issued guidelines on medicine and medical certificates for examination of foreign personal working in the Greenlandic mining industry. Further, the Ministry of Health can charge payment for use of the Greenlandic health care system. Guidelines and Price List can be accessed on Government of Greenland's official website and on the Health Care Sytem's website