The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour, and the Mineral Licence and Safety Authority are located in the middle of Greenland's capital, Nuuk. Enquiries can be processed in 3 languages: Danish, Greenlandic and English.

Opening hours

Office hours are from 09:00 to 16:00, local time. Greenland is always 4 hours behind Denmark, and thus 2 hours behind Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) in the summer, and 3 hours behind UTC in the winter.

Ministry of Mineral Resources and Labour

Erik Jensen

Minister for Mineral Resources and Labour

Jørgen T. Hammeken-Holm

Deputy Minister

Nukánguak´ Berglund

Personal Assistent for the Deputy Minister

Thora Monrad Hansen

Personal Secretary for the Minister for Mineral Resources and Labour

Geology Department

Anette Juul-Nielsen

Senior Geologist

Anna Vass


Arent Heilmann


Debora Hansen Kleist

Project Geologist

Esben Møller Nielsen

GIS Database Specialist

Henrik Stendal

Chief Geologist

Jonas Petersen


Julie Hollis

Head of Department

Executive Secretariat

Bo Simmelsgaard

Legal Advisor

Maja Pindstrup

Legal Advisor

Thomas Lauridsen


Tungutaq Larsen

Communication Officer

Mineral Licence and Safety Authority

Inspection and Technical Department

Aqqaluk David Sørensen


Derek Kainamura Pedersen


Mille Schiøtt Kongstad

Act. Head of Department

Qupanuk Olsen

Head of Department (on leave)

Licence Department

Nadja Vedsted Sembach

Head of Department

Rasmus Brock Kjærgaard

Head of Section

Rasmus John Franklin Lindholm

Head of Section

Samuel í Geil Bjørnshauge

Head of Section

Department of Analysis and Control Functions

Diana Lennert

Administrative Officer

Erla Vinther

Head of Secretariat

Mette Schmidt

Administration Trainee

Nivi Johnsen


Pætur Jørðal Niclasen

Head of Department

Rikke Nielsen

Head of Accounting