Current Licences and Activities

List of Licences

A pdf-document displaying a List of Licences can be downloaded showing all active licences and current applications. Files are updated on the 1st and the 16th of every month except during July and August.

Click on the large blue map on the frontpage to see a map of all licences granted and under application. The map function as an interactive GIS system with information on granted licences and areas under application etc.

Licence Application Status

The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority publishes information on the case processing status of applications for mineral exploration and small scale licences in Greenland. The applications status document is a dynamic tool intended to improve the level of transparency into our case processing of applications for new licences, transfers, reductions, renewals and relinquishments. The application terms for the included licence types are set out with reference to the Mineral Resources Act in the applicable Standard Terms for each licence type. The Act and the Standard Terms are all available for download on this website.

Please contact us in case of any difficulties in downloading the documents or in case of questions or comments.