China Mining Congress and Expo

The China Mining Congress and Expo is one of the world’s largest mining and mining investment conference held every year in Tianjin, China. The congress includes a conference, tradeshow and other featured events.
The Government of Greenland have been participating since 2011 with a booth and a special Greenland Day with presentations on Greenland.

2011 Greenland Day Program

2012 Greenland Day Program

2013 Greenland Day Program

2014 Greenland Day Program

2015 Greenland Day Program


Presentations from 2015

Jørgen Hammeken-Holm

 MMR   Introduction
Henrik Stendal

 MMR  Raw materials potential of Greenland
Anette Juul-Nielsen
Lærke Louise Thomsen

 MMR  Gemstones in Greenland
Jonathan Downes

 Ironbark   The Citronen base metal project
Martin Sandy Shalmi

 Xploration Services        Doing business in Greenland