PDAC Toronto

2018 Greenland Day event details:

Date: Monday March 5th

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building 202B

When: 09:00 – 16:00 followed by a reception from 17:00-19:00

Attire: Business

The sponsors are acknowledged very much for their support of the Greenland Day.


Program for Greenland Day

Time   Activity
Session 1:   Greenland's Geology and Mineral Potential
 9.10 - 10.25  

Why Explore in Greenland? (MMR)
Critical and Strategic Minerals in Greenland (MMR)
Geophysics to support Exploration in Greenland (GEUS)
Nickel, Gold, Diamonds & Rare Earths - New Map & Tectonic Model for the Maniitsoq Region (MMR)
New Geological Maps of the Karrat Fjord area, Central-West Greenland & Implications for Mineral Potential Projects (GEUS)

Session 2:   Exploration in Greenland
 10.45 - 12.05  

North American Nickel
Alopex Gold
21st North
Longland Resources
Resources 500 FeVTi
Zawar Natural Resources

Session 3:   Licensing & Operating in Greenland
 13.05 - 14.05  

Operating environment in Greenland & Economic risks/benefits when investing in Greenland (Copenhagen Economics)
Annual Mining Survey for Greenland on Legal Environment (Fraser Insitute)
Licensing and Setting up a Business in Greenland (Nuna Law Firm)
From Licensing to setting up an Exploration Site (Xploration Services)

Session 4:   Business Environment: Rare Earth Minerals with Q&A Session
 14.40 - 15.40  

The Business of Rare Earth Minerals (Copenhagen Economics)
Kringlerne Project (Tanbreez Greenland)
Kvanefjeld Project (Greenland Minerals & Energy)
Investor perspective on Rare Earth Minerals (Acasta Capital Indegenous)



Program for Greenland Day

 Time    Activity
Session 1:   Introducing Greenland and Mineral Exploration
 11.45 - 12.40  

Greenland mineral exploration: projects, prospects and potential (MMR)
State of the Greenland Economy (Copenhagen Economics)
Greenland in the Annual Mining Survey 2017 (Fraser Insitute)

Session 2:   Mineral Opportunities in Greenland
 12.45 - 13.30  

Geoscience in Greenland (MMR)
Karrat Group zinc-basin – revision of geology and maps (GEUS)
Obtaining a mining licence in Greenland (MLSA)

Session 3:   Exploration Projects in Greenland
 13.40 - 14.10  

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8kfj33a6ZE (ARC Mining)
Rejuvenating the Former Graphite Mine at Amitsoq Southern Greenland (Alba Resources)
North American Nickel

Session 4:   Infrastructure investment in Greenland
 14.15 - 15.15  

Setting up a Business Entity in Greenland (Nuna Law Firm)
The Tax System in Greenland (The Tax Authority in Greenland)
Critical infrastructure in Greenland (Air Greenland, Tele-Post, Royal Arctic Line)
Mineral explorations and the use of infrastructure in Greenland (North American Nickel)

Session 5:   Advanced Mining Projects in Greenland
 15.20 - 16.00  

Becoming a Major Base Metal Miner (Ironbark Zink)
Greenland Minerals & Energy
White Mountain Calcium Feldspar Project Greenland (Hudson Resources)
Tanbreez 2017 Summary (Tanbreez)


Program for Greenland Day


Program for Greenland Day