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Aappaluttoq - Ruby and Pink Sapphire

Greenland Ruby A/S

Aappaluttoq in southern West Greenland hosts a ruby-pink sapphire deposit within a metamorphosed Archean layered igneous intrusion called the Fisken├Žsset Complex. The gemstones are found in bands and lenses, and were formed due to metasomatic reactions at the contacts between the mafic-ultramafic Fisken├Žsset Complex and the ~2.7 Ga intruded felsic sheets. The deposit has a probable reserve of 161,700t, an indicated resource of 189,150 t and an inferred resource of 77,160 t at 1,400-1,600 ct/t with a 1 g/t cut-off (2011 Pre-Feasibility Study by True North Gems).

The area has been under exploration since 2004, and production commenced in 2017. The mine is operated by LNS Greenland Gems A/S, whereas Greenland Ruby A/S owns the licence and is responsible for sales and marketing. More information on the Aappaluttoq ruby-pink sapphire project can be found on

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White Mountain/Naajat -  Feldspar (anorthosite)

Hudson Resources A/S

White Mountain in central West Greenland is a weakly metamorphosed Mesoarchean anorthosite body consisting of mainly calcium feldspar. The anorthosite occurs at the southern margin of the Nagssugtoqidian fold belt, and is cut by mafic dykes (~2 Ga). The deposit has an indicated resource of 27 Mt at 49% SiO2, 30% Al2O3 and 14.82% CaO grades at 2.5% Na2O cut-off.

Hudson Resources Inc. have been exploring the anorthosite body since 2007, mine construction commenced in 2016, whereas production is planned to start in 2018. The anorthosite will be used for alumina and cement production, and as a replacement product for kaolin to supply the E-fiberglass and filler (paint and plastics) industries. More information on the White Mountain anorthosite project can be found on

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