Characterisation of Greenlandic rubies

Rubies and pink sapphires are currently produced by Greenland Ruby from the Aappaluttoq mine in west Greenland. Rubies are also one of the main targets of Greenlandic small scale miners. So Greenlandic rubies are just beginning to be known on the competitive international gem market – a market where the best rubies can achieve some of the highest market prices for gemstones. One of the factors that determines the price of gemstone includes the country of origin. The aim of this project was to establish what methods are useful in characterising rubies from Greenland, which could potentially be used to prove their country of origin and therefore contribute to higher market prices. Already it is clear that the chemistry of rubies from the Aappaluttoq is dinstinctive and could potentially be used for this purpose. The project, initiated in 2011, is a collaboration between MMR and GEUS. The project will be finalised in 2018 with the public release of all data.

Corundum small scale 2 small Rubies and pink sapphires from the Fiskenæsset area, West Greenland  

s.16 17 rubies and pink sapphires
   Cut and polished rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland