Mineral Resource Assessment Project

The Mineral Resource Assessment project is an ongoing project to assess the potential for undiscovered economic mineral deposits. Each year a new commodity is selected for assessment. An expert panel is convened, comprising experts in the commodity and mineralisation type and experts in the geology of Greenland. A workshop is held to discuss the potential for undiscovered deposits in Greenland, based on the know geology and mineral occurrences and using a standardised system of assessment developed by the United States Geological Survey. Previous workshops have assessed the potential for orogenic gold, rare earth elements, tungsten, magmatic nickel, zinc, iron ore, platinum-group elements, titanium and vanadium, unconformity-related and sediment-hosted uranium, and graphite. In 2018, the panel will assess the potential for industrial minerals. The project is co-funded and carried out by MMR and GEUS.

Major discoveries made during public financed ressource assessments
Region   Discovery
South Greenland   Metallogenetic province for gold and uranium
    Stendalen copper-nickel-titanium occurrence
    Illorsuit uranium occurrence
    Kvanefjeld Ree-uranium deposit
    Motzfeldt Sø tantalum-niobium deposit
Southern West Greenland   Fiskenæsset chromium occurrences
    Ivisaatoq tungsten occurrences
    Qussuk gold occurrences
    Tikiusaaq carbonatite complex
Central West Greenland   Sarfatoq niobium-REE-uranium occurrence
    Attu gold occurrence
    Eqi East gold occurrence
    Saqqaq gold occurrence
    Black Angel lead-zink deposit
North-West Greenland   Melville Bay iron province
    North Ingelfield Land gold belt' - copper-gold occurrence
    Minturn iron occurrence
    Moriusaq titanium occurrence
North Greenland   Washington Land zink-lead-silver occurrence
    Navarana Fjord zink-barite occurrence
East Greenland   Malmbjerg molybdenum deposit
    Blyklippen lead-zink deposit


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Some of the results include:

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