Stratigraphic Database

Digital geological maps  are powerful tools for understanding and describing geology. To maximise their usefulness, stratigraphic information about every mapped geological unit can be integrated into the digital map. This allows the user to click on the map to get a full description of the geology. Currently no such stratigraphic database exists for the geological maps of Greenland. In 2017, the Department of Geology, MMR, initiated a project to construct a stratigraphic database for Greenland, initially focussed on northeast Greenland. The first phase was to develop a standardised system for recording stratigraphic data, allowing geological units to be categorised in a heirarchical system, with each unit assigned a distinct code based on its stratigraphic name, age, and rock type. The second phase, currently underway, sees population of the database with stratigraphic information from published sources. The project benefits from decades of meticulous work by emeritus geologist Stuart Watts (GEUS) in documenting the stratigraphy of Greenland, to be published in a book in 2018. Ultimately, this database project will be a powerful tool for exploring the geology of Greenland, both for researchers and mineral explorers. The database design was inspired by pioneering work of the Geological Survey of Western Australia. The first online release of data will be in late 2018. The project was initiated by the Department of Geology (MMR) and carried out in partnership with GEUS. The work is funded by ENI.

 Kort 500K med Byer

500K Map of Greenland with major cities