Licence Application

What to apply for?

  • a new licence (prospecting, exploration and special exploration licences),
  • a renewal of an expiring licence (only for exploration licences),
  • an expansion or reduction of an existing licence area (exploration and special exploration licences),
  • transferring an existing licence (exploration and special exploration licences)

How to apply?

 Online Application Portal

The Online Applications Portal allows applicants to follow their applications and status of their licences.

 Application forms

Applicants may fill out the Application form for mineral exploration licences and the Application form for prospecting licences. Applications must also include the coordinates for the applied areas.

What is needed?

Excluding for prospecting licence applications. 

All applications are subjected to application fees.

  • Prospecting licence application fee: DKK 3,000
  • Exploration and special exploration licence application fee: DKK 5,000

Fill out the relevant application form and send it to

Submit a short description of the applicant’s technical capabilities. If individuals and CV’s are listed, terms of employment must be describes for each individual. 

Submit audited financial statement and company report. 

All companies applying for a licence must be registered within the Central Business Register (CVR), see guidelines at the Tax Agency’s website.

Refer to the Industrial classification codes upon registration.

Processing and granting applications

Applicants are informed about incomplete applications. The MLSA will inform the applicant and request for additional information. Should the applicant fail to provide the requested additional information within 14 days, the MLSA can reject the application, and the application fee will not reimbursed if already paid.

Licences are usually granted no later than 3 months after the registration of a complete application.

Model exploration licence

Model prospecting licence

Fees and exchange rates

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