Aeromag 1992-2001

High resolution magnetic surveys, draped 300 m, line-spacing 500 m.

AEM 1994-1998

High resolution detailed multi-parameter surveys (EM, Mag. and partly radiometric), draped 75 m, line-spacing 200-400 m.

In the early nineties the Government of Greenland was seeking new ways to stimulate mineral exploration in Greenland. Among other initiatives, a five-year programme, AEM Greenland 1994–1998, of airborne combined electromagnetic and magnetic surveying was proposed by the predecessor of the present day Mineral Licence and Safety Authority. The survey areas were to be chosen on the basis of potential for the discovery of economic mineral deposits and to demonstrate the general applicability of airborne methods in the various terrains in Greenland. Simultaneously with the AEM programme, another airborne project, Aeromag, was soon after started and financed by the authorities, producing a regional coverage of high-quality aeromagnetic data. The total coverage of the various airborne methods is shown in a number of index maps. Management of the airborne programme and the handling and interpretation of the data was contracted to the Geological Survey GEUS (formerly GGU), while the surveys were flown by commercial geophysical contractors after international tender.

The projects 'Aeromag' and ‘AEM Greenland surveys have shown that airborne geophysical methods can be utilised with success under the arctic climatic and logistical conditions in Greenland.

Aeromag 2012 – 2013

High resolution magnetic surveys, draped 300 m, line-spacing 500 m. Aeromag 2012 (Fact Sheet no. 27) and 2013 (Fact Sheet no. 31) surveys, a total of 633, 500 line-kilometres of public data, have been collected (see also Geology and Ore no. 22). The private exploration industry has also produced significant surveys, usually at greater detail, over the same period. The Aeromag 2012 (released March 2013) and the 2013 survey, which was released in March 2014, covers coastal regions in South-East Greenland.

Data access

Information concerning the airborne geophysical surveys in Greenland is available online through the Greenland Mineral Resources Portal: The portal includes an interactive map functionality that shows the geographical extent of the geophysical surveys carried out in Greenland. It is also possible to query the interactive map and download survey metadata. The data are available at a nominal price online –

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