Greenland has a growing local workforce with a wide range of skills.

Access to the local workforce can take place through the job centres (Majoriaq), job portal (Suli), the Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum or by contacting one of the local supplier companies.

Jobcentre Majoriaq

The local municipalities in every town have job centres, called Majoriaq. They provide one-door access for citizens seeking employment, coaching or other career advice.

Majoriaq is the go-to institution when seeking advice on the availability of local workers, trainees or information on educational possibilities.

They can also help with contacts to local companies for service deliveries, etc. Find contact information about the available workforce at or at the local municipalities.

Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum

The Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum is located in Sisimiut, and offers two secondary educations aimed at the mineral resources sector: 1) Machine construction worker (maskinentreprenør) and 2) Mine worker education (minesvend). 

The School also offers training courses in the following subjects:

  • Diamond core drilling,
  • drilling carriage,
  • machine operator with M1 to M6 certificate,
  • machine operator for surface mining,
  • blasting courses, etc.

The school is cooperating with various external partners, such as Colorado School of Mines, College of North Atlantic, Canadian Diamond Drilling Association, etc

Foreign workforce

Exploration companies may bring in foreign workers during their exploration programs in Greenland. Further information on foreign workers can be found here.  

You can also read more about work permits etc. at

Local companies

There are a number of local supplier companies for the exploration and mining industry in Greenland.

For more information please contact Greenland Business Association

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