Information about export

If you want to export stones or mineral resources out of Greenland, you need to pay attention to the rules and regulations. 

You do not need an approval to export when:

  • You have bought the stone or mineral resources in a shop, by a local craftsman or a small scale licensee, and can document your purchase with a receipt. 
If you have not bought the stone or mineral and do not have a receipt to document your purchase, you need an approval to export. This applies regardless of the value of the stone or mineral. 


Please be aware that only permanent residents of Greenland are allowed to collect stones/mineral resources. 


Application for approval to export

You need to apply for an approval to export for each shipment you want to make. You need to provide the information listed below by filling out the application form below. The MLSA may decide to exempt from the requirements listed below whenever deemed reasonable. 

The application form must be send to

You application will be processed by the MLSA within 3-4 working days. 

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Basic description of the stones/mineral resources to be exported (type of mineral)
  • Processing product code. Use the relevant code from eVITA (Danish Tax Authority’s online portal).
  • Quality of the stone/mineral resources (gemstone or not)
  • Quantity of the stone/mineral resources. As a general rule you need to assess the net weight. Another relevant quantity assessment is the net volume or carat for gemstones. 
  • Value of the stone/mineral resource. You need to assess the value as precisely as possible. The MLSA can, as a term in the approval to export, decide that you need to assess the value in a certain way or that the value should be determined or assessed in a certain way (e.g. by an independent third party). 
  • Identification information about the export (e.g. for a shipment).

Colour photos in a good quality with a measurement scale of the stones/mineral resources.

Map of the collection site and area, coordinates of the area and photos of the collection site and area. 

Name and address of persons, who have collected or extracted stones/mineral resources, if you have not collected the stone/mineral resources by yourself. 

Name and address of the processor, if you have not processed the stone/mineral resources yourself.

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