How to get a licenCe


Prospecting licence

  • For standard areas North, East and West Greenland
  • Non-exclusive, and no exploration commitments
  • Granted for 5 years
  • Not renewable

Exploration licence

  • Specified areas min. 5 km2
  • Exclusive, with exploration commitments
  • Granted for 5 years
  • Renewable

Special exploration licence

  • In North and East for areas >1000 km2
  • Exclusive, with reduced exploration commitments
  • Granted for 3 years
  • Not renewable



Provide documentation:

  • financial and technical capabilities,
  • registration in the Central Business Register (CVR) (CVR number)
  • maps and coordinates of the applied areas (excluding for prospecting licence applications).

All applications are subjected to application fees:

  • Prospecting licence application fee: DKK 3,000
  • Exploration and special exploration licence application fee: DKK 5,000


Apply through our online application portal or application forms sent via post or e-mail. Further details on applications are under Applications.

Applicants are informed about incomplete applications. The MLSA will inform the applicant and request for additional information.

Should the applicant fail to provide the requested additional information within 14 days, the MLSA can reject the application, and the application fee will not reimbursed if already paid.

Licences are usually granted no later than 3 months after the registration of a complete application.



All licences are subjected to a granting fee, where the application fees are deducted.

  • For prospecting licence: DKK 20,400
  • For exploration licences and special exploration licences: DKK 31,900

Licensees have a yearly exploration expenditure commitment, which is calculated based on the licence area and the licence age.

For exploration licences:

  • Year 1-2: DKK 1,690/km2 + DKK 169,000
  • Year 3-5: DKK 8,450/km2 + DKK 332,000

For special exploration licences:

  • Year 1-2: DKK 846/km2 + DKK 166,000
  • Year 3-5: DKK 846/km2 + DKK 332,000

These terms, procedures and guidelines are extracts from the Application Procedures and Standard Terms for Mineral Licences and Prospecting Licences in Greenland

For up-to-date information on existing licences, please visit the licence map and the online applications portal.

For contact details to licensees, please see the List of Licensees  (list updated in March 2021).

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