The Government of Greenland issues small-scale licences to residents of Greenland. With a small-scale licence, the licensee can either prospect for minerals or, by subject of approval of the Government of Greenland, arrange guided tours.

The Mineral Licence and Safety Authority (MLSA) is the responsible authority regarding small-scale licences in Greenland. Applicants can choose between two types of licences; an exclusive small-scale licence or a non-exclusive small-scale licence.

Exclusive small-scale licence

With an Exclusive small scale licence, the licensee is granted a 1 square km, with exclusive right to prospect or exploit any kind of mineral (except radioactive minerals). With an exclusive small-scale licence, only the licensee can prospect for, and collect, minerals within this area. This also means that areas already granted to other licensees (company or person) cannot be applied for. Any applicants should therefore acquaint themselves with the Licence map.

Exclusive small-scale licences are:

  • Cover an area of maximum 1 square km
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Can be extended

Non-exclusive small-scale licence

With a non-exclusive small-scale licence, a licensee is permitted to prospecting all over a single municipality. However, the licensee cannot prospect within exclusive areas.

Non-exclusive small-scale licences are:

  • Cover 1 of the 5 municipalities
  • Valid for 3 years
  • Cannot be extended

General requirements

In order to obtain a small-scale licence, the applicant needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Be 18 years of age,
  2. Have a registered address in Greenland,
  3. Fully liable to pay tax in Greenland, a have been liable for a total period covering 5 consecutive years,
  4. In full legal capacity and has the right to dispose over his or hers assets, including not being in suspension of payment, being bankrupt or a comparable situation.

However, an applicant can apply for a waiver concerning the 5-year period mentioned in point 3.

Furthermore, a person may not be a licensee of more than 5 small-scale licences.

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