Geological data

The Greenland Mineral Resources Portal ( is the repository for all exploration-relevant geoscience data for Greenland.

The portal is continually updated, and includes:

  • digital and scanned geological maps of a range of scales
  • topographic data
  • geophysical surveys including magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric data
  • exploration company reports
  • geological survey reports
  • descriptions of mineral occurrences
  • stream sediment geochemistry
  • geochronology data
  • aerial photographs
  • drill core information
  • current and historical licence information
  • geoscience data packages

Most of the data can be downloaded free of charge and other data is provided at minimal cost. The Portal is an ongoing project collaboration between the Department of Geology within the Mineral Resources Authority and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

Greenmin FrontpageGreenmin Frontpage
One-stop portal to geoscience data from Greenland
Greenmin GeophysicsGreenmin Geophysics
Wide range of geophysical data
Greenmin GeologicalmapGreenmin Geologicalmap
Digital and scanned geological maps
Greenmin StreamsedimentGreenmin Streamsediment
Extensive geochemical database
Greenmin ReportGreenmin Report
Exploration company and survey reports

Companies operating and exploring in Greenland must submit all raw and processed geological, geophysical and other data and reports to the Government of Greenland. These data are confidential for

0 years

, unless the licence is relinquished earlier. In this case, all data related to the licence are released upon relinquishment.

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