New mineral acts postponed

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the Minister of Finance and Mineral Resources has decided to postpone a number of legislative initiatives relating to the mineral resources sector, including the new Mineral Resources Act and Small-Scale Mining Act proposals.

As a result, the new Mineral Resources Act and Small-Scale Mining Act will be put forward in the parliamentary Spring session 2021, instead of the Autumn session 2020.

The postponement will also affect the timing of the consultation process. The Ministry of Mineral Resources had planned to launch a public consultation of the two acts in May 2020. The public consultation is now postponed until July or August 2020, depending on the situation.

The postponement, however, does not affect the procedure for the planned consultation process. The acts will be published on the Government of Greenland’s hearing portal (, the Mineral Resources Authority’s website (, and on social media. The Mineral Resources Act will be available in Greenlandic, English and Danish. The Small-Scale Mining Act, however, will only be available in Greenlandic and Danish. The Mineral Resources Authority will also send the new acts out directly to licensees and other stakeholders for consultation in order to get input from as many stakeholders as possible.

If approved by the Greenland Parliament, the new Acts will come into force presumably on 1 July 2021, instead of 1 January 2021.

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