Diamond package published

The Department of Geology within the Mineral Resources Authority is pleased to announce the publication and release of a Greenland diamond exploration package.

Greenland has seen significant diamond exploration, but remains heavily underexplored. The last diamond data package for Greenland was produced in 2004. However, considerable exploration has since been undertaken, generating abundant new exploration data. The new data package, covering the whole of Greenland, doubles the size of the previously available data. Furthermore, new discoveries of world-class significance were made in Greenland over the last fifteen years, which feature in the new product.

The new diamond exploration data package collates publicly available, up-to-date information on Greenland’s diamond exploration history and sampling data from all across Greenland.  It focuses on the locations of diamond-relevant rocks in-situ and as float, and the physical sampling and results of geochemical testing of these rocks. The package includes over 24,000 sample locations with over 10,000 being positive for diamond indicators. Accompanying these sample locations, there are over 121,000 mineral chemical analyses and detailed descriptions of over 1,000 diamonds. The database furthermore includes 3,000 in-situ locations of kimberlite, ultramafic lamprophyre, carbonatite and lamproites, in some cases with outcrop polygons and polylines, and geochronology data. Geophysical and remote sensing data are included by reference to other sources. Data are presented in raw formats and spatially as ArcMap and QGIS projects and as MapInfo files, as well as sample and analytical databases, and diamond-relevant exploration and survey reports.

The package was commissioned by the Department of Geology, Mineral Resources Authority, and created by Mark T. Hutchison, Trigon GeoServices. To access the data package, contact us at asn@nanoq.gl, and you will receive the package through an ftp folder. The free data package aligns with the Mineral Resources Authority’s policy of publishing free, high quality, exploration-relevant geoscientific data.

The data package highlights that Greenland has a major diamond potential. With this diamond data package, the Mineral Resources Authority aims to spark interest and support exploration for diamonds in Greenland.

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